Dutch Tie Back Fishtail Style


I love the style of this simple braid!  It can be done with any type of braid!  French, Dutch, Fishtail, or Lace!  We chose a Dutch Fishtail because I thought it would be pretty to pancake the whole thing.  I always love pancaked braids.  I like the messy, careless feel and how it creates a lot more volume.

To create this braid, start out by parting the hair down the middle.  Then make two rectangle sections on top of the head.  These can be as big as you would like, and as far back as well.  Our sections were about two inches wide and four inches long each.

Braid each section separately, starting at the back of the section and braid toward the face.  Once you run out of hair from the section, continue braiding all the way to the ends.  You can pancake the braid as you go by tugging on the outside edges of the braid gently after each few sections you cross over.  I like to pancake the braid as I go instead of waiting until the end because you have a lot more control this way.

Tie the two braids together in the back with a small elastic.  Gather all of the hair and the two braids in the back into a ponytail.  Take out the small elastics you held the braids together with out and unbraid up to the ponytail.

Finish off your look with a clip, bow, or wrap some hair around it and pin it in place.


Another cute way of finishing this braid off is to leave the hair down instead of making a ponytail.

Show me the looks you create by tagging us on Instagram in your photos! @abellasbraids  I would love to see the different looks you create off of this idea!