Charlie’s Room Remodel

This room remodel for Charlie took us months longer than expected but it’s finally done! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results! It has everything!  It’s girly, shabby chic and vintage, but it has a modern twist.  My inspiration for this room came from a few different things, but mainly from my daughters girly ways, her love of pink and gold and the iron bed my mom got me when I was a little girl.  I spray painted the bed turquoise to give it a modern feel and I went shopping at some local antique sops for the curtains, shelf, night stand and a few of the knickknacks.


Back in March or so, we reached out to a few companies to see if they would be interested in donating some items for us to share on this post, so we wanted to disclose that we will be including affiliate links but all of the items in her room were chosen directly by Charlie and myself and the opinions are completely our own. 🙂  Thank you to everyone who was a part of this project!

I’m totally kicking myself, but unfortunately, I forgot to the before photos. Her “before” had baby blue walls that were in desperate need of repainting, and it had this gross, old tan carpet that was all stained and just plain awful.  Ick!  As you can imagine, it was in desperate need of a makeover!  The thing I love about the room is that it is a little bit quirky.  Our house was built back in the 1920’s so of course, it has a vintage feel to it and it has a lot of character.  So I wanted to go with the vintage part of it but add a modern twist!

We don’t own our home but we were able to get the landlord to agree to replace it (thank you Sondra)!  We went over to the local carpet place and asked for some swatches of options that would work in our price range.  I guess my biggest mistake (at least I pretend to think it was a mistake *wink*) was bringing Charlie with us for this process.  He brings out a few plain and technically great for a rental carpet pieces…and this crazy soft, high quality, blush pink one.  They ordered it blindly and when it arrived, SURPRISE! It was pink, and they were having a terrible time selling it.  Charlie grabbed it, threw it down and started rolling all over it saying how much she loved it.  He was able to give it to us at the same cost as the “ugly, not princess” beige ones.  Charlie was sold.  I thought there would be no way to convince the landlord but surprisingly, as long as we promised not to up and leave any time soon, she agreed!  So this was what started the making of Charlie’s dream room.

Charlie has always been obsessed with pink and more recent quote from her is, “Gold is the new beautiful.”  If she chooses her outfit, it will without fail be something with sparkles and tulle.  She also loves to accessorize. I wanted these things to be a big part of her room.  I had my handy husband whip up a little girls clothing rack to put all of her favorite dresses and shoes at so that she could easily grab one when she’s feeling fancy.


There’s that pink carpet I mentioned! :p Of course the hangers had to be gold and sparkly!  These hangers are from Love Charlie Grace (fitting, right?) and they are everything.  They are just the perfect size for a child’s dress and I don’t think the room would be complete without them.  You can grab yourself some over at LoveCharlieGrace on Etsy! You can go directly to a ten pack of the hangers HERE and trust me, our little girl is going to adore them!


We got this luxurious bedding set from Beddy’s. It zips up with a large, sturdy zipper so it’s really easy for kids to make their bed!  Charlie especially loves the bedding because the inside is lined with a super soft mink fabric.  She’s never been one to sleep with sheets so this bedding works out so perfectly for us!  Now to talk my husband into getting a king size one for my bed…


We were also given these darling knitted stuffed dolls from Cuddle and Kind.  Our favorite thing about their company is that for every doll that is sold, they provide 10 meals for children in need.  Charlie is obsessed with the mermaid!

Pearl and Jane sent us this beautiful banner and sparkly pillows custom made for Charlie’s room! The banner is made of a few different kinds of fabric and trim. The detail is stunning and the quality is amazing! It really made her otherwise boring window pop!  I love how the sparkle pillows added a lot of personality to her bed!  Cute story: Charlie learned how to write her name all by herself because of this banner.  She came up to me one day and told me she knew how to write her name.  I totally didn’t believe her but then she did it!  When I asked her how she learned, she said “That beautiful thing in my window taught me!”


If you’re looking for a fun, easy and inexpensive way to dress up a wall, you have to try these decals from Just The Frosting!  They are just stickers that easily peel off the wall but stay on really good!  Perfect for a rental because if you move, you don’t have to paint over it, you just peel them off!  That and they are SO CUTE!  They have lots of different styles for boys and girls and the whole house so be sure to head over to check out their shop!  I used three different sizes of the gold dot decals for the wall behind the bed and to her reading nook! Get them HERE.


My husband put together these simple shelves and I left them unfinished because I loved the way they looked raw!  I covered a giant feather pillow with a fuzzy, soft blanket and added lots of fluffy pillows and of course a few decorative ones from Beddys and Pearl and Jane. And what reading nook would be complete without a chandelier?!  We just love this cozy corner!

Charlie loves to be read to and she’s learning to read herself this year!  Her very favorite book is Moon Person by Skylar McClellan.  She begs me to read it to her constantly, but I don’t mind because it’s so cute! You can grab a copy here: Skylashes It’s a super sweet story about self sacrifice and falling in love.

The little hand knitted purses are from @alullabyshoppe on Instagram.  Her purses are so well made and just darling.  Cute enough to go on the wall!


If you’re looking for a really unique bow holder for your little one’s room, we are just in love with the one we got from Lulu and Chacha.  The beautiful bow collection is from Miss Ruby Locks.  They have the greatest assortment of yummy prints and they are super high quality. Our favorite leather bows (the hot green one at the bottom left) are from Southern Adoornments


My mom gave me this amazing antique hand mirror collection to hang on the wall and I’m so happy with how it turned out!  I hung them with sticky back hooks that don’t damage the product.  We did a photo shoot for Cozette Couture quite a while back with this whimsical headband I kept it all this time because I thought it was beautiful enough to hang on the wall as a decoration!


We custom ordered these gold glitter XO letters from Itty Bits Designs.  I love how simple but elegant they look above the antique bed!



We live a few hours from Disneyland and we had passes last year. We collected the mini princess dolls and their dresses are so amazing, I decided to put them up on the wall.  I have to say, Charlie was a little bit bummed that her dolls were naked.  But of course, she’ll be able to take them down to play with them!  Haha!

I found a little stool at a thrift store for $2, painted it with chalk paint and re-covered it with pink fur!  It was so easy and fun!  I love small projects like that!


Inside her little vanity, she keeps her fake but feels oh so real makeup from Little Cosmetics.  She can sit there and make herself all pretty!  I love it because it’s no mess but she likes it just as much as the messy kids makeup. It’s made to look just like mommy’s makeup!  CUTE!


For the cutest decorative prints, head over to Amandalee Graphic Designs.  We got this little sprinkle donut print (charlie’s favorite sweet treat) and we framed it in a gold glitter frame. So precious!


We found this darling night stand, bunny and pig from a local antique store.  The night stand holds Charlie’s extra blankets just perfect!  We added a little pop of turquoise to go with the bed with this globe lamp we found at Ross!



As always, thank you for stopping by our blog!  We hope you love Charlie’s room!  We know we sure do!