Easy Elastics Style

Today I wanted to show you how to do this super simple style using elastics!  It’s similar to our previous tutorial The Knitted Braid but with a twist!

The best part is that it stays in REALLY well!  It looks like a three strand braid from the back, but the side views look like the knitted braid!

I’ll post a link to the video tutorial at the end, but below is a pictorial for you!

First you’re going to need to pull the hair back into a ponytail!  High or low, it’s up to you!

Split the ponytail into three equal parts, as if you were going to do a three strand braid.

Now you’re going to take the farthest right section and split that into two equal parts!

 Just like a three strand braid, you want your right section to become your new middle section. Instead of just switching places with the two like normal, you’re going to put the middle one in between the sections you divided. So the right section you divided into two pieces is going to go around the middle as you switch places.  Then use an elastic to tie the two pieces together.

Now go to the left hand section and repeat the same step as above. Split it in two, then go around the middle section you just used an elastic on and secure it in the middle.

This braid is a little bit hard to explain in photos, so you might want to watch my new video so you can see it in action!  Here it is:

I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle!  If you recreate it and you want us to see it, be sure to tag us #abellasbraids or email me your image to abellasbraids@gmail.com

I’m sorry our videos and braid posts have been so few and far between but I plan on improving starting now!  We will be posting new videos and tutorials weekly, some simple hairstyles and some complex!  What is it that you would like to see?  Please leave your comments to let us know!

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