Taylor Joelle Fashion


Taylor Joelle never ceases to amaze us with there adorable prints and designs each season.  Their fabrics are super soft and stretchy and they are super easy to throw in the wash.  My daughters both wear them as much as they possibly can.  Charlie loves them because she can throw them on quickly, all by herself and feel like a princess while still feeling comfy!

We totally adore this lime green and navy dress that they sent us!  We paired it with some dark blue bear knee high socks and navy and white striped canvas shoes from H&M.  When it’s cooler outside, your daughter can throw on a cute denim jacket like the one Charlie wore from Oshkosh B’Gosh!

This dress is on sale right now and can be found HERE



For Charlie’s hair, we did this super cute braided style into pigtails.  As you can see in the previous photo, we started by parting her hair down the middle and did a dutch braid on each side and ended them at her crown into a ponytail.  We split each ponytail into three sections and braided each one.  Then we wove the six braids and tied them into pigtails.  So cute!  It’s one of those styles that looks a lot more complicated than it is!


Thank you, Taylor Joelle for the beautiful dress.  It’s just perfect and I guarantee she’s going to get a ton of use for it!

Our next blog will feature the cutest mustard dress and light denim jeans, so be sure to stay tuned!


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